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Intermix Versus Barneys: The Final Showdown

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In this corner, we have the Intermix sale, lasting only two days at 110 W. 19th Street in Chelsea. The names on the goods might be slightly less high-brow than Dries van Noten central over on 17th Street, but they're also more affordable, especially now that Intermix has dropped its prices. (15% discount when you buy 5 items; 20% discount when you buy 10 items; biggest sale ever; open till 8pm; everything going fast!) Also, as the Cheap JAP points out, the place is supremely well-organized:

If sample sales busted out the fisticuffs, Intermix would kick Barney's ass all over town. Firstly, the massive amount of apparel was organized according to item, size and even material. Jeans and pants were on separate racks; blouses and tees occupied different spaces; long jersey dresses were opposite short, chiffon party frocks. Nextly, the amount of smiling staffers not only kept things in their right place, but also managed to create a calm atmosphere despite the potentially volatile shoppers. Lastly, the music rocked. I don't know if someone was dee-jaying or what, but the tunes put some extra bounce into everyone's Havaianas, fo sho.

In the other corner is the Barneys Warehouse Sale, weighing in at 19 days and taking place just blocks from Intermix at 255 West 17th Street. One Racked commenter had this to say:

Barney's discount today is 40% for shoes and 50% for RTW. I got a Marni dress for $150 and some purple Prada sandals for $170. I saw the Balenciaga booties there for 40% off of $775! Not bad for a $2000+ pair of shoes. There are still a lot of gems in the shoe section: I spotted some gorgeous grey suede Louboutin boots (40% off of $550) (sadly way too small), and tons of Dries van Noten shoes.
But our own correspondent spotted "lots of damaged designer clothing and tangles of hangers," neither of which sound appealing. For sheer ease of use, we're going to have to go with Intermix on this one. Is that blasphemous?
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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