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Ikea's New Voyeur-Venture: The German Webcam Guy

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It looks like Ikea has a penchant for more than just cheap furniture; their best advertising campaigns involve peeking in on random people using their products or simply busting some serious moves around them. In short, Ikea has major voyeuristic tendencies, which are only underscored in their newest campaign: "Warte bis September," or Wait Until September.

Over in Germany, where the 2009 Ikea catalog won't be released until next month, a Deutscher dude named Nils will be hanging out in a room 24/7, waiting for the arrival of said catalog. Not only is he on live webcam for this period, but anyone may call, Twitter, email, or snail mail him while he bides his time on Ikea's dime. These are the moments when our college German classes really pay off.

We've found another curious tidbit in the annals of Ikea ads: In Japan, Ikea once did a temporary, portable "museum" of rooms featuring their most iconic designs. Based on the size of a typical tatami mat, the "4.5 Museum" set up containers along a walk to a design show. The concept is comparable to that of Karl and Zaha with their 2.55 Mobile Art Container, inspired by the classic Chanel purse. Hmm ... just a little food for thought.
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