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One commenter responds to our post about the high-calorie salads at Whole Foods with an impassioned defense. "First of all, WF is totally NOT disgusting. They offer plenty of fresh veggies and healthy, raw salads too. Depending on which site, they offer different selections b/c that's what the customer wants. People need to be smart and not make assumptions that everything there is healthy, low fat, low calorie etc. Whole Foods, unlike every other food establishment, posts the ingredients in each salad. I for one, appreciate that more than ANYTHING! I read the ingredients and then decide if I want it. And, if I do, how much of it. Among food establishments, WF offers some of the best healthy options out there. I don't get why everyone feels the need to bash them b/c they're a successful, corporate entity!" After a pause, the commenter added, "I'm done now." [Racked Comments; Previously]