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Above the Fray: Live from the Mulberry Sale

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Drawn by the promise of luxury British leather goods at 75% off, shoppers are swarming Chelsea for the Mulberry sale. Luckily, we've got a correspondent on hand to witness the insanity.

Our correspondent reports: "The doors opened at 10, but the line isn't moving. There are maybe 150-200 people in line—it takes up about half an avenue block. 90% of them are women. I'm ill-prepared: No sunglasses or book. It looks like they're letting in groups of about 20 people at a time. A big one just went in, but I'm still outside. A girl is working the line handing out samples of a perfume called Hampton Sun (it smells better out there.) I just watched a girl in formal shirts try to jump the line and get denied. And a bunch of girls just left empty-handed—does not bode well."