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CVS Horns in on Sephora's Territory

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[Image via WWD]

Not content with being the go-to place for Maybelline Great Lash mascara, CVS is opening a new chain of beauty supply shops aimed at Sephora's market. The shops will carry 32 “department store or specialty store brands." (We assume this means lines like Benefit and Stila, although CVS hasn't named any specific names quite yet.) Speaking of names, the stores won't be called by anything that has to do with the CVS mothership. Says WWD: "To drive home the drugstore chain's seriousness about tackling prestige beauty, the concept will be called Beauty 360, with no mention of CVS in sight." Some of them will, however, be attached to the drugstores by a breezeway, while others will actually be located in the CVS stores themselves, which might give away the secret. The first of these Beauty 360 shops are slated to open this winter "in a major East Coast city," so keep an eye out.
· Moving Into Prestige: CVS Set to Roll Out Luxury Beauty Units [WWD]


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