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Storecasting: U.E.S. Shoes Comes to the L.E.S.

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Upper Echelon Shoes has been around as a brand of Diddy-approved sneakers since 2005, but starting next month the company takes two giant steps into the future. First, they're opening shop on 100 Forsyth Street on the L.E.S.—ironic, given the name's wink at that other east side. The store, which has been operating as a showroom for the past two months, officially opens September 4.

On top of that, U.E.S. will enter the world of women's fashion with a line of street-smart, buckle-heavy, sneaker-inspired footwear for girls. In an interview with Paper Magazine's Word Up! blog, U.E.S. captains Nick Cohen and Seth Campbell said their designs are inspired by Kate Moss, which makes sense in a circuitous kind of way: We've never actually seen her wear athletic shoes, but she does always look comfortable.
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