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HSBC Joins NYU in Gramercy Alphabet Soup

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Gramercy Green, on 23rd Street and Third Avenue, seems to have settled into dull respectability after a rather insane early life. The building began as a set of condos marketed mostly in Ireland, but then the owners abruptly took a wild left turn and sold it to NYU for use as a dorm—a move not much appreciated among Irish buyers who'd already paid for their new Gramercy dream homes. Since then, however, things have gotten a lot less interesting. Writes a tipster: "Just walked by and saw the work order on the window of the remaining ground floor retail unit in GG --a frickin' HSB bank! We lost the Amish Market and gained a dorm, a Duane Reade and a bank. I don't mind the gentrification all that much; it's the repetitiveness that's bugging the hell out of me."
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