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Fred Flare's New Neighbor, Old Hollywood

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The corner of Meserole Avenue and Leonard Street in Greenpoint is going to see a lot of action come fall. Not only is Fred Flare opening in late September or early October, but a retro-inspired boutique called Old Hollywood is set to open across the street sometime next month. The store, which will carry local designers plus some vintage gear, looks to be the kind of place Joan Holloway might buy the jewel-toned sheaths she wears to the office on Mad Men, only filtered through 2008-era Greenpoint. From its MySpace page: "We listen to records and wear petticoats. We drink bourbon and eat coconuts. We ride skateboards in mini-skirts. We play accordians and develop film. We are Old Hollywood." Riding a skateboard in a mini-skirt seems daring in a dangerous way, but then the high-waisted bathing costumes on the store's blog seem daring in a really good way, so it all evens out in the end.
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Fred Flare

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