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RackedWire: Mad Men in Playboy; Bank of America Brings Mo' Banks to Coney Island

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[Image via Playboy]

EVERYWHERE—Playboy jumps on the Mad Men bandwagon with a fashion spread featuring the boys from everyone's favorite advertising office. The good news: As a publication founded in the golden age of mid-morning office martinis, Playboy knows how to dress a sharp-looking man. The bad news: Bunnies. Bunnies everywhere. And not sixties-era bunnies with teased hair and pounds of eyeliner, but depressing modern bunnies drowning in self-tanner. Also, while we're being crotchety, isn't Sal supposed to be more into Playgirl? [Playboy]

CONEY ISLAND—One of the eternally vacant storefronts at the Stillwell Avenue station just got a Bank of America, which should come in handy for people who've run out of funds for Shoot the Freak. Bucking the Mo' Banks tradition, this one seems somewhat interested in the history of the location: There are vintage Coney Island snapshots hanging in the window. [Kinetic Carnival]