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Saturday Spot Check: Barneys Hits the Discounts

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While shoppers continue to stream into the Barney's Warehouse Sale on West 17th Street in Chelsea, the discounts are beginning to seep out and turn some frowns at prices upside down.

Over in women's it is apparent that the west coast reinforcements have arrived, as we spotted a few new shoe styles including more Chanel!, and bulging racks of ready-to-wear. Speaking of which, almost everything in womens is 25-30% off save for coats and shoes.

The men's basement still has a massive quantity of everything, and the crowd has picked up down there; during our visit it was busier in mens than upstairs in women's. Rejoice; for everything down here is discounted almost to 40% extra, except for shoes.

Rounding off our visit we finally breached the Chelsea Passage and gave sale housewares, kids, and books a glance. All of it is now 25% extra off, in case you fancy dressing your children in Marc Kids or are looking for gargantuan leather bowls to use as table decoration. One item in particular takes the cake for sale ridiculousness: A Globetrotter "union jack" suitcase used by Barneys as a prop is discounted from $2020 to $990, even though it has stuff glued to it and is generally really dirty. Barney's should have a leftover crap raffle at the end of the sale for stuff like this.

Now for the important part:

Extra 25% off: men's accessories, sport coats, trousers, overcoats, Barneys label suits, kids, housewares and women's accessories.
Extra 30% off: ties, dress shirt, women's designer and women's ready-to-wear
Extra 40% off: men's suits and sport coats (green tag only)

Barneys New York, Madison

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