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Ads of Desperation: Lush Goes Red-light

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While it's pretty clear that sex sells, isn't the cosmetics industry supposed to be downturn-proof? Looking at the storefront of the Lush Cosmetics near Union Square, it seems that they're bringing in a touch of red-light district to lure more customers. This is on top of their racy invitation for their sales associates to don nothing but aprons for work.

So what is the "Free Sex in the Shower" deal, anyway? Just as Lush's rival Sabon hands out sample slivers of soap on the street, Lush wants to put a little something in your hand too. Spend a certain amount and you'll be taking home one of these new sensual "emotibombs," designed to encourage people to share their showers and thus conserve water. This would be awesome if it weren't for the fact that the bombs are designed for use in a bath, and baths are hardly water-conscious.

Looks like anyone tricked into this deal will be kicking it old school, either filling up the tub or going for a more literal interpretation of the name (perhaps with one of the semi-nude staffers).
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