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Fort Greene Needs a Bookstore

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When people complain about a lack of amenities in a neighborhood, they're usually longing for a drugstore or reasonably-priced supermarket. Fort Greene, on the other hand, wants an independent bookstore. A survey by the local retail committee found that 75% of Fort Greeners wish there were more options for book-buying.

Hence the Fort Greene Indie Bookstore Initiative. The group has rallied around bookstore veteran Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, currently the publicist and events planner for Nolita's McNally Jackson Books, who plans to open a shop in Fort Greene once she raises enough start-up money. They're even throwing her a fund-raiser this September. Fort Greene is so DIY and literary! Now, if only someone would do something about the neighborhood's total lack of supermarket.
· A Bookstore In Brooklyn [Bagnulo's blog]