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Above The Fray: "Good Stuff as Always" at Varvatos

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[Photos via The Choosy Beggar; click to expand]

Restricted to employees and friends & family for the past two days, the John Varvatos sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue finally opened to the public this morning at 8am. Of course, a Racked shopping correspondent has an early report:

Just got back from the Varvatos sale. The most solid selection seemed to be for suits and outerwear. At least 2 dozen different styles of shoes, though some were already running out of sizes (I got there at 8:15 and it was pretty busy). Shoes are $100, boots were $200.
The best deals were the USA button-down shirts taken down to $35 from $165, and the ties which were $15. Not a great selection of dress shirts or Varvatos casual button downs. Shirts and sweaters all looked like stuff I'd seen before. Bins of about 20 pairs of jeans per size. For those considering going, they said they will be putting out new stuff each day. Unless you are a Small, or XL, I would wait till tomorrow as a lot of the Mediums and Larges are already getting sparse in some areas. I left with a pair of shoes, tie and shirt for $150. Good stuff as always John.
Men's sale blogger The Choosy Beggar was also there; his report contains a lot of photos and the controversial assertion that the Varvatos sale "has successfully topped what's going on over at Barneys Warehouse."
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