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Discontinued: Lisa Levine Jewelry in Williamsburg

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Lisa Levine's jewelry store, less than a block from the Lorimer L stop on Metropolitan, might have been an idea that peaked too soon. Her delicate, feather- and coin-spangled designs fit the neighborhood's aesthetic but not necessarily its budget. (Locals seemed more likely to drop $10 on a comic book at Desert Island next door.) In a few years, second-stop Williamsburg might have a population that can pay $300 for a necklace, but by then it'll be too late: Levine just sent out an e-mailing explaining that she is "closing the store and studio to pursue other career paths." For the next month, everything in the store will be 25% to 75% off; she's also taking 25% off everything on her website, as long as she can still make it, through September 12.
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