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Now Open: J.Crew Mans Up in Tribeca

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The corner of West Broadway and N Moore Street in Tribeca was buzzing this morning as a crowd of the most fashiony and styled males we've ever seen descended upon J.Crew's new men's store. J.Crew and co. have kept vestiges of the space's former inhabitant, Liquor Store Bar, intact: the old wooden bar is there (with salespeople behind it to ring up your purchases), the neon sign hanging outside remains, and when you call the place up, they answer "Liquor Store." They've also scattered boozy reminders, like glass tumblers filled with rolled up ties and bottles of Campari, around the store to further remind you of its predecessor.

The place is a prep-loving, murse-toting man's dream: aside from everyday basics like socks, khaki's, jackets, denim and sweaters, there's limited-edition merchandise galore, from the Thomas Mason for J.Crew button downs hanging at the rear of the space to the snazzy Alden shoes laid out next to cardigans and stacks of Smiths records. The crowd reflected this selection: We spotted one well-dressed gentlemen cradling a tiny dog in his arm as he dove into a stack of khakis, and many others milling about with Sartorialist-endorsed rolled-up pants paired with loafers. Clearly, J.Crew knows how to play to their audience.
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