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Now Open: Eryn Brinié Gets Ethereal on Broadway

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Everything in Eryn Brinié looks like it could be worn in a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. In a good way. The Korean women's store, which opened at 501 Broadway in Soho today, carries rack upon rack of dip-dyed cardigans and fluttery dresses in mauves, greys and lilacs, with the occasional splash of acid green to break up the gentleness. Also, at least half the tops are sequined, beribboned, or be-laced. Broadway was clearly suffering from a lack of affordable (that is, under $150) fairywear. The store had to turn people away this morning, and when it finally opened at 2 PM, it filled up so quickly that there was a five-deep line for the dressing rooms fifteen minutes later.
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