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Apple Acknowledges (Sort of) That iPhones Have Some Bugs

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[Image via Gizmodo]

After weeks of complaints from owners of dysfunctional iPhone 3Gs, Apple released a software update yesterday along with this brief formal statement: "The [latest] software update improves communication with 3G networks." It's about as basic a comment as the company could possibly make, and yet cryptic enough to inspire the kind of analysis usually reserved for text messages from recent dates. If the update improves communication, does that mean Apple admits there's room for improvement?

The company hasn't officially acknowledged the phone's problems anywhere else (although Steve Jobs did rather randomly send a personal e-mail to a customer in which he mentioned "a known bug"), so if this statement does count as an admission of fault, then it's sort of a big deal. Then again, if you're really looking to point fingers, you could always blame this adorable kid, since she appears to be the person actually assembling the phones.
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