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iPhrenzy Dark Side: The 3G's Three Major Bugs

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Since the new iPhone went on sale over a month ago, users have complained about a plague of reception problems: Dropped calls, poor signals, slow or broken web access. Computer World's FAQ sheet is an excellent primer on the situation, but even they don't know how Apple will fix the problems because Apple, as usual, won't say anything to anyone. The most optimistic rumor has it that Apple might release a firmware update that would solve all the bugs, and that it might do so this Friday, August 22, when it rolls out iPhones in over twenty new markets.

Till then, though, users will be stuck with ironic problems like this one: "I have a Genius Bar appointment on Thursday morning to discuss my iPhone’s inability to access the Internet consistently, even when I have full 3G bars. I tried making the appointment from my iPhone but it kept stalling, so I had to make the appointment from a computer. How fitting." Racked readers: Have you had 3G problems? Let us know in the comments!
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