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Project Runway Sneak Peek: Drag Queens! Chris March! Best Challenge Yet!

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We're not sure we can overstate how excited we are for this week's Project Runway, in which the designers must dress drag queens for eventual judging by last season's fan favorite Chris March. There's a certain irony here: When Chris was a contestant, the judges constantly ragged on him for his draggy, theatrical taste. You'd think this season's designers would be thrilled to realize their most over-the-top fashion plans, but as Chris and a flock of drag queens unveil the challenge, most look terrified. Blayne is particularly screwed, since Christian Siriano pretty much cornered the market on witty drag queen banter last season when he invented a character called Ferocia Coutura. (In another clip on Bravo's site, you can watch Blayne flail around trying to top that—be warned, it's painful.)
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