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Name this Store: Ditmas Park's New Flower Shop/Bar

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[Image via Flatbush Vegan]

The Farm on Adderley, apparently not content with being Ditmas Park's only hipster restaurant, is opening the neighborhood's only bar that's also a flower shop. Brownstoner reports that the owners want to call it Monkey's Wedding, but other suggestions keep cropping up, so new blog Flatbush Vegan is holding a poll. Options include Nectar, Barflower, Stem, VineBar, and the minimalist Cortelyou Flower Shop & Bar. (The Ditmas Park blog commenter who suggested that last option calls for a return to say-what-it-is names like "Main Street Pharmacy," but that makes us nervous about the opposite phenomenon, wherein concert venues are named after knitting factories and nothing is as it appears.) Anyway, being a blog about stores, we're thinking more about flower shop names than bar titles. Suggestions, anyone?
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