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Life After Project Runway: Will Stylista Be Good?

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This fall, the CW's new show Stylista will try to out-Project Runway Project Runway, pitting eager fashion editors against each other in a contest to get hired by Elle. Said magazine, of course, is the former home of PR judge Nina Garcia, who was rather famously fired this spring. So what's the difference between Garcia and Stylista's own Elle judge, editor Anne Slowey?

Well, Garcia is more of a fashion insider, whereas Slowey is "a theatrical, thrift-shopping East Village dweller from Indiana who was more interested in writing about fashion than living in it." But perhaps more importantly, at least from a TV-watching perspective: "Public appearances and interviews tended to unnerve Garcia. Slowey, meanwhile, was highly entertaining, in a bitchy, campy way—on one memorable episode in the first season of Runway she declared that an ensemble had achieved the unlikely distinction of being simultaneously 'vulgar' and 'dowdy.'" Suddenly, we're curious about this Stylista show.
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