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Storecasting: Fred Flare's Cutesy Greenpoint Digs

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A reader emails in with a query about a friendly-looking shop moving in on the corner of Meserole Avenue and Leonard Street in Greenpoint:

I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and this cute little storefront has been vacant for months. I heard a cafe was going to open in the spring, but nothing ever happened. Then all of a sudden these hearts and "FF" appeared in the windows on Friday. I believe that I've seen these hearts somewhere else, but I just can't place them. And the "FF" seems very curious too. So, I immediately went to Racked to see if I missed anything on this space, but couldn't find any info on it. Any ideas what this place is going to be??? A store, a gallery, a cafe? I've attached some pictures that I snapped over the weekend. Hope you can help... I'm dying to know. Thanks!
The shop in question? It's accessories/clothing/doodad brand Fred Flare's first-ever 'door store.' (We assume FF founders Chris Bick and Keith Carollo picked Greenpoint for their inaugural brick-and-mortar location after moving their warehouse to the nabe in 2006.) We're still awaiting word from the brand's PR team regarding store details and opening dates; this NY Post article from last year mentions that the place is "slated to open in September 2008."
· Fred Flare [Official Site]

Fred Flare

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