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Williamsburg's Best Shoe Salesman

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[Images via Shoe Market]

One of our favorite things about Williamsburg's Shoe Market is salesman Rob Bryn. This is him on the store's blog, talking (sort of) about people who want to be taken off the mailing list:

[E]very night, before I go to bed, after my shower, I put on my grandfather’s Christian Dior bathrobe and I walk from my bathroom to my bed wearing my red patent Worishofer sandals which are super comfortable and super affordable and made in West Germany. And I lay down and I smoke the last cigarette of the day and I say a prayer for every man, woman and child that I have ever sold a pair of shoes to. I say, let them be happy. Gracious in success and comforted in disappointment.

Amazing, right? This weekend Shoe Market is having a sidewalk sale, so Bryn sent around an e-mail about what sort of items would be discounted. About the 80%20 May boot, he wrote: "This boot is crazy looking. Getting it in the store, and people's reactions to it, is one of those milestones of my life where I'm like, I really don't understand women or what they're thinking about most of the time." And here he is on a pair of turquoise Lovely People sandals: "Taking this picture was really frustrating for me. The straps just don't look right without a woman's foot. Could that woman's foot be one of yours?" We seriously recommend signing up for the mailing list just to get more Bryn in your life.
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