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A Vertical Lawn on the Upper East Side

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[Image via Apartment Therapy]

Pure Yoga, which opened last month, is the largest yoga studio in the city, but that's not its only claim to fame: The building that houses it, 203 E. 86th Street, is covered with a giant, thriving "green wall." Apartment Therapy runs some lovely pictures alongside this thoughtful consideration: "It may or may not be successful over the longterm, but it will be very important for future designers to learn from and make the idea more functional and accessible to the rest of us. When I walked by this past week the irrigation system appeared to have sprung a leak and was spattering water on the building front." OK, so maybe there are some kinks left to work out; maybe, as one AT commenter notes, it will be an eyesore in winter; and maybe, as someone else points out, it's not really so great for the environment. Still: Pretty!
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