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Barneys Update: Saturday at the Sale

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Aside from the first day of the sale, today should see the most traffic before the extra discounts hit around the 21st . Checking in on the action just after the doors opened this morning at 10am, we saw the flood of frenzied shoppers we expected, supplemented by those who waited for the weekend before trekking in from Westchester, Jersey and maybe even the Hamptons.

The big surprise of the sale is simply how much Balenciaga is floating around. Oh yea, it's still expensive ($600 for a dress and $400 for shoes) but with all the celebs who constantly sport the brand and the hype it gets, we thought it would have sold better at its regular, retail price. Is the recession to blame? Maybe.

Remember when we told you there was nothing to talk about in the bags/accessories department? Well, this morning yielded two cute Lanvin clutches, although both had broken bits and were still hovering at $500.

Some additional and exciting news from the comments for those still lollygagging:

"More inventory is coming from their Beverly Hills Warehouse Sale so the selection should get even better. Once their Beverly Hill sale ends on Sunday all their goods get sent to the New York Warehouse Sale so it's worth it to keep checking everyday and see what new goods they've received."
It doesn't look like that motherload has arrived quite yet, but of course we'll keep you updated!
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