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Warehouse Party: Jumping On the Clothes Horse

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Still doubtful about hitting up the Barneys Warehouse Sale this weekend? Granted, the prices are high and this year sees few shoes suitable for everyday, but for dealhunters and casual shoppers alike the sale is just good clean fun.

The thrift storeish layout of sections and volume of choice gives you license to dig in bins, strip in public and fondle everyone's goods from Alexander Wang to Ann Demeulemeester. There are no sales associate shadowing you as you ponder the Pucci in peace.

The clothing sections are especially tantalizing; fashion students should run amok in ready-to-wear, getting hands-on inspiration from inspection of Rodarte finishing, Lanvin fabrics and Jil Sander tailoring.

The good news is that there are still plenty amazing choices left in all sizes, and pants flood each rack. In a change of fortune, Kate Moss for Topshop seems to be flying off the racks, as we spotted some yesterday but had no luck in finding today.
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