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RackedWire: Duane Reade to Long Island City; LeSportSac to Williamsburg; L.E.S. Fashion Show

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LONG ISLAND CITY—Clearly, getting their own version of the Amish Market wasn't enough for Long Island Citizens—they went and nabbed themselves a Duane Reade, too. Judging from the looks of this picture, from blog liQcity's Flickr, the drugstore is coming along quite nicely. [Racked Flickr Pool]

WILLIAMSBURG—LeSportsac joins the roster of brands advertising at the McCarren Park pool parties with a booth this Sunday (at the Aesop Rock show) and next. These days, they're collaborating with the Dutch artist B. Free. While the child-like drawings on their bags do fit the general Williamsburg vibe, their arrival at the pool makes the whole thing feel like it's gone slightly...high-end. [Racked Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE—Those who remember the L.E.S. Fashion Flipside event from three years ago will be pleased to know it's returning this Sunday, August 17. Starting at 2pm, the block between Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington turns into a runway for a local fashion show. Just about every Lower East Side boutique you can name is participating: Daha Vintage, David Owens Vintage Clothing, Demask, Hairy Mary's Vintage & Design, Harris Levy, House De Lux, Johnson, Kaight, Lael, Lolli by Reincarnation, Makeup Mania, Moo Shoes, Saints Lounge, Shop, Ted's Formal Wear, The Dressing Room, Tropical Salon, Valley, Wendy Mink Jewelry, and Zarin Fabric Warehouse. The theme this year is eco-friendliness, which is why we're a bit surprised not to see lovable organic and fair-trade boutique Ekovaruhuset on the list, although they are throwing a tea party the same day from 4pm to 10pm at their store on 123 Ludlow Street.