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Warehouse Party: Update from Barneys

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Communication lines with our correspondent went dark after she entered the sale—we fear an avalanche of leftover Lanvin, though it could just be the terrible in-store cell reception—but a commenter who somehow survived the morning rush has an update:

The sale is pretty good! The selection (at 8:02am) was fantastic--beautiful Manolos, Loubous, Jill Sander, Marc Jacobs, and Pradas--in size 8!

The clothes: size 2/4 were getting quickly picked over, but I made a few laps and waited for girls to put stuff back and found some great deals. The house label stuff is well-priced ($49 LBD). The size 8/10 racks were FULL of gorgeous designs still (oh Rag & Bone tux jacket, how I wish you fit me...)

Bags: suck. Castoffs of last season's fads (Lucite, Metallic skins, and Patent, oh my!).

High end: nice, but again, running out in smaller sizes fast. Beautiful dresses for less than $700.

Jeans: lots of selection still, most of it less than $100 in most sizes from solid brands (even Cheap Mondays! cheaper Thursdays?)

The bag check is horrible (like it is every year), so try to go bagless (I was like the 10th person in bc I didn't bring a bag).

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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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