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Warehouse Party

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Another reader reports on the Barneys Warehouse sale: "I was in line at 7:50 and got in quickly. Women's: The shoe selection is really great, but it was pretty anti-climactic, as the prices are the same as you'd find at a good Saks sale (~$300 for Manolos/Louboutins, ~$200 for Prada). So I passed and will back in a week or so. The pants are 40% Helmut Lang. Seems to be tons of Helmut Lang all over. Barney's Co-op labels abound. I noticed Prada coats, which I've never seen before. TONS of ready-to-wear, and I snagged some cute Dries von Noten stuff. Men's: Shoe selection seems to be heavy on the Prada, shirts are still average $100, suits are PRICEY this year." [Racked Comments]

Barneys Warehouse Sale

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