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Project Runway User's Guide: Welcome to the Lipstick Jungle

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[Images via Bravo]

Last night's episode of Project Runway doubled as promotion for the post-Sex in the City NBC drama Lipstick Jungle, and the whole thing felt a little too whorish—particularly Daniel and Kelli's leopard-print bustier (zing!) The challenge: Working in teams, the contestants had to design a look for Brooke Shields' Lipstick Jungle character, studio exec Wendy Healy. (Tim wisely gave everyone a dossier of Wendy's looks in case they'd, um, missed them on the show.) The look needed to take Wendy "from day to night," which is a concept designers love because it's the only way to make professional attire less completely boring. And the winners will see their outfit worn on TV.

Lots of room for drama, no? And yet here's how it broke down:

Biggest surprise: Daniel works out? Keith's "thing" is fringe? Actually, the biggest surprise was the special guest next episode, teased at the very end: Last season's campy, adorable Chris March.

Worst attempted catchprase: Blayne's "Holla at your boy" will not die. At least Leanne puts her own spin on it by amending, "And girl!"

Feud of the week: Everyone feuded this week, but the best fight by far was the brief thunderstorm that took place between Terri and Suede, because it prompted Terri to say the following: "I don't know what he's packing, balls or vajayjay, but he needs to work that out. I ain't got no babies, ain't nobody sucking on my [BLEEP], so please, man up." Was that Project Runway's first-ever bleeping?

Most annoying contestant: When they found out the judge would be a high-powered woman, Stella told the camera she hoped it was Sharon Osbourne, "Queen of Rock." Sharon Osbourne is the best punk rock woman Stella can think of? Patti Smith is still alive, you know.

Best smackdown: "It looks like a big sweet potato," says Tim of Korto's jacket. It did!

This week's loser: It came down to Kelli and Blayne, so of course Kelli went home.

This week's winners: Keith and Kenley with a high-waisted ruffled skirt that looked lovely on the model but would make anyone with hips look triangular.

Designers who cried: Stella's hard-as-grommets exterior broke down when Kelli said good-bye.

Designers who were robbed: Jerell, awesomely, found a way to work with Stella's unique talents, and the leather-belted, burnt-marshmallow-paletted result was perfectly pitched.
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