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RackedWire: More on Jonas Brothers Apple Store Chaos; Hello Health's MTA Troubles

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These people are all waiting to see teen pop performed at the Apple Store

SOHO—Earlier this week, the Apple Store in Soho sprouted lines that made the iPhone madness in July look like a day at the beach. Were the city's geeks hearing the siren song of yet another sleek new Mac product? Not even. As a commenter pointed out, it was just Disney Channel megastars the Jonas Brothers. Says a tipster, "The Jonas Brothers have done what neither the iPhone 2G or 3G couldn't — create a line (for their concert at the Apple store) that stretched all the way around to 45RPM on Mercer! Absolute insanity. I feel lame even typing this to you!" Luckily, he didn't feel too lame to send us pictures. [RackedWire]

WILLIAMSBURG—Hello Health, the new pay-as-you-go, text-when-you-need-to 21st century health clinic in the 'Burg, got into all sorts of trouble with a series of MTA ads in which blank comic-book speech-bubbles literally begged passersby to write in them. First, the ads got pulled, ostensibly by the MTA, leaving Hello Health with six months of ad space and nothing to put in it. Then, the blog Animal New York discovered that it wasn't the MTA that objected so much as their media management group, which, as far as we can work out, must have sold Hello Health the ads in the first place. The upshot: No more ads—though a bit of free publicity. [Animal NY]