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RackedWire: New Midtown Tech Shop; Ditmas Park Kids' Store Closing; Williamsburg Beauty Pageant

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[Photo via Gizmodo]

MIDTOWN EAST—The Optimus Maximus is a customizable keyboard so advanced, so powerful, it retails for $1500. Alas, it's not so great for typing on. Intrigued? Confused? See one for yourself at the new Optimus store, nestled gently inside the RCS Computer Experience on Madison Avenue and 56th St. This is the first Optimus, uh, "meatspace" store ever, so it's exciting for geeks. [Gizmodo]

DITMAS PARK—A storm of hipster parents might be gathering slowly around Ditmas Park, but local children's store Belle & Maxie won't be around to take advantage of it once it fully hits. The owner, Gilbert Flores, tells the Ditmas Park Blog that he's closing up August 29 and taking his shop online. Before the doors shut for the last time, though, he's holding a clearance sale, so until the end of August everything is 25 to 75% off. [Ditmas Park Blog]

WILLIAMSBURG—Confidential to hipsters: If you ever get caught stealing Colt .45 from a local bodega, don't sweat it. Chances are good you can just convince the judge that holding a beauty pageant counts as community service. You know who's probably really excited about this? Whoever owns that bodega. [Urbanite]