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iPhrenzy: Early Bird Gets the iPhone

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It's officially been three weeks since Apple unveiled the iPhone 3G. It feels like a year. Sadly, people are still forced to stand outside in the summer heat for hours to buy one. Your Friday report:

Apple Midtown
Line: No real line because of the vouchers.
Availability: Right now, everything's in stock.
Color: Come before 1 PM if you want to get a voucher today.

Apple Soho
Line length: Three to four hours
Availability: "We're fully stocked"
Color: Nothing new to report. Just another day at the Apple store in Soho.

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: Tired-sounding staffer, "It's pretty big out there. Um, about two and a half hours"
Availability: Got them all
Color: Are you going to run out? "Well, yeah, eventually. We'll run out like we do every day."