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Villager Illuminates East Side Yoga Hero

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We're kind of in love with an article in this week's Villager about a yoga teacher at the East Village's Sixth Street Community Center, written by a Villager intern/Sarah Lawrence student Laurie Mittelmann. The man's name is Paz ('peace' in Spanish) and he's been an instructor there for five years. Some pertinent facts about Paz:

1) He "distributes chocolate from Grenada via bicycle for a friend" around the neighborhood for free
2) He comes to classes "wearing a white tank top and frayed shorts that he recovered from dumpsters"
3) He is a squatter
4) "He only spends money on organic produce, Yogi brand 'Breathe Deep' licorice tea and recycled denim insulation from Green Depot in Brooklyn for the walls of his apartment."
5) He regularly "pick[s] up and deliver[s] compost around the Lower East Side.
How has this character never been profiled before? He's a saint. Especially since he only charges $7 per class. That's, like, unheard of.
· Finding peace with Paz and $7 yoga on Sixth St. [Villager]