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Montrose Avenue Gets an Art Gallery, Boutique

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East Williamsburg hasn't exactly come into its own as a shopping destination, but last night we spotted the seeds of change in the form of the Montrose Gallery/Boutique. Run by the father-son team of artists Ian and Grason Ratowsky, the store sits "hidden between two construction sites" (as its website points out) on an unassuming block best known for having the 'Burg's only Walgreens. Inside, large paintings go for $800 to $1500, smaller ones for $100, while handmade, politically-tinged t-shirts are $35 each. Pop and son Ratowksy have very similar styles—lots of bold-toned female forms in the small exhibit—but they're looking for other artists to showcase. Oh, and they'll give 10% of anything you buy to a cause of your choice via the Make a Difference Network, so while this might be a harbinger of gentrification, at least it's gentrification with heart.
·Montrose Boutique/Gallery [Official Site]
·Make a Difference Network [Official Site]