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Shop & Flush: Apple MePa's Added Restrooms

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Back in December when the Meatpacking District Apple store opened, the media was all agog over the place's curvy glass staircase, three floors of merchandise and 46-foot-long Genius Bar. Amazing, yes, but some of us took issue with the shop's lack of bathroom facilities. So imagine our surprise when today we noticed a comment on an iPhrenzy post that the MePa location does indeed have restrooms ("I've used them and haven't bought anything--they're on the second floor, hidden in the back. Clean, too!"). A call to the store verified it, though the Apple staffer we spoke with couldn't relay when the toilets were first made available to the public. This is very good news, especially since Little Pie Company, the closest loo on our list of Meatpacking facilities, is no longer open.
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