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Above The Fray: Temperley Pricey And Plentiful

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The staircase to Temperley's sale is steep—make sure to wear your Revas if you teeter on tall heels—but so are the discounts. After the 60% markdown, skirts and tops are approximately $250 to $300, cocktail dresses are about $600, and fancier cocktail dresses and leather will cost you somewhere in the $1000 range. But, since everything is individually priced, you might find a long summer dress (now $700) or a bolero that fits between those price points. While most accessories are included in the sale (belts are $50 and bags start at a little under $400), bridal isn't included, evening wear is only 30% off and Temperley's Gigi bags are 40% off. The fitting room situation is good: there are two areas to change in and they've been known to make a third so the impatient can get their goods more quickly.

Bottom line: If you're not willing to throw down at least $300, Temperley's sale is a waste of time. But if you are, take the time out to thumb through the racks of fancy frocks. If the clothes don't make it worth your while, you can at leaste snag a free sweet-toothed snack from the bowl of jellybeans on the way out.
· Dealfeed: Temperley [Racked]
—Carlye Wisel