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In the Window: Lord & Taylor Give It Up For Graffiti

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Brace yourselves, department store shoppers of Fifth Avenue, as today Lord & Taylor at 424 Fifth Avenue and West 38th Street welcomed a graffiti crew to do over the windows. The exhibit, lasting through July 27th, is all part of L&T's new "Art in Action" project to showcase exclusive artwork in an effort to hip-ify their image and appeal to a wider audience than the usual blue-haired biddies.

This completely off the wall (haha) exhibit is actually being created today, LIVE, by the renowned Bronx-based graffiti muralists TATS CRU. The 11 windows of designs, executed by five artists from TATS CRU, "depict a dazzling mix of graffiti forms and fashion imagery in the brilliant colors typical of the attention grabbing style of the genre." Hey, if their work is good enough for the Smithsonian and Second Avenue alike, then we're sure there won't be any crying over a little spilled krink.

L&T's sudden turn to in-your-face expression is nonetheless a major departure from their spring of feminine florals! We'll let it slide though, because Lord & Taylor are chalking the idea up to local pride. From the release:

"We are excited to showcase the work of such talented practitioners of an emblematic New York art form this time of the year when there are so many visitors to our city from all over the world . . .Their colorful murals portray the free spirit of our city with all its characteristic exuberant energy.”
Barney's will always have its pop art collections of household items and Bloomies will be eternally chic, so will this fresh start at Lord & Taylor mean we have a new unpredictable underdog of window display? We'll be able to judge better when the holiday windows roll around; the people demand holiday graffiti!
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