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Ikea Crib Shopper's Rant: "Big. F*cking. Whoop."

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At least one Park Slope mom isn't feeling the Ikea love or taking the free shuttle. We came across a Park Slope Parents email/rant from a Slope mom who took a $14 cab ride and found it to be out of cribs and says "big. f*cking. whoop." to the manager's offer to call when they're back in stock. Here it is:

Just wanted to share my experience with Ikea today. I went to buy a crib (after hearing lots of good things about them and digging their cool modern design). I looked first on the website, which said that this item was not available to order online--you had to go to the store to buy it, and the site stated that it was "In Stock" at the Brooklyn store.

So, one $14 cab ride later, not only is the crib not in stock, it's not in stock in the entire tri-state area. Nor were almost all the other cribs. And you can't order or reserve one, you have to just come back in two weeks and try your luck. I complained to the manager, who said all he could offer to do would be to call me when they come in (big. f*cking. whoop.). Their customer service is crap, but that's one way to keep prices low I suppose!

Here's a follow up email from another Park Slope Parent member:

Wow, pretty strong reaction! I understand the disappointment associated with going all the way there to find out it wasn't in stock (BTW-if there is a next time, instead of taking a $14 cab ride, they do have a free shuttle bus that will take you to their store).

But, i think the manager offering to call you when it does come in was very nice and don't see the reason for your "big f...... whoop" comment, which I am actually pretty surprised that this entire post, including that comment was put up on the board. I thought we weren't supposed to write posts putting down businesses or use language on this board? Guess I was wrong.

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