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Spot Check: New Line Waiter at Fifth Ave Cube, Nothin' Doing in Soho and MePa

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The iPhone 3G goes on sale this Friday, which means you have less than five days to park yourself in line. To help you strategize, we'll be monitoring the chaos outside all three Manhattan Apple stores all week long.

Apple Fifth Avenue
Time: 4PM
Head Count: Around six or seven—hard to tell as people seem to be camping in shifts
Color: Cause-pushing organization TheWhoFarm is still out there, and now they have bins of apples to eat while they wait. But hold on, there's a new cause-free camper named Tyrone, who arrived on the scene at 1:30am this morning. Why? He "just wants an iPhone."

Apple MePa
Time: 4:40pm
Head Count: Zero
Color: Asked when he expected people to begin camping out in front of the store, a helpful non-Genius said: "Can't say. Could be anytime." Suspense.

Apple Soho
Time: 4:25pm
Head Count: Zero
Color: A staffer: "Don't start lining up until Friday morning. It's going to take us a while to activate the phones once you get in."