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Rumormongering: Kate Spade to Take Over Eve and Biography on Bleecker?

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A reader follows up on those rumors about Kate Spade coming to the West Village with news that the store might be larger than anyone expected. The note:

Beauty Salon Eve on Bleecker Street is closing in October and will be taken over by Kate Spade. Eve will re-locate to 6th Avenue and 8th Street. The employees at Eve are happy because apparently it is a nice space—a bit bigger than their current location—and closer to trains. Sadder still (to me anyway), Biography Bookstore is closing in the next 12 -18 months. I have heard two rumors: (1) that it will be part of Kate Spade and (2) that it will be a Sephora (vomit). Biography bookstore is looking for a new space in NYC also.
Racked's placing a bet on the former, because how much makeup could they fit in that little space?
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