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iPhrenzy: No Social Security Number, No iPhone 3G

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New iPhone [credit: Wired]

Thanks to new rules, getting the next generation of iPhone should be slightly easier than receiving national security clearance. Nothing would be worse more than waiting in line for hours (or days, like this avid New Zealander) and then discovering you've left home without some crucial piece of personal documentation. Buyers should, of course, expect to activate their phones in-stores, but here's what else you'll need to know to be utterly prepared when—hallelujah—Friday comes around:

1. Bring a valid government-issued photo ID. (If you're illegal, you're out of luck.)
2. Bring your social security number, possibly because they'll be doing credit checks.
3. They're going to want your wireless account number and PIN, so don't forget those.
4. If you're using a corporate or business plan, you'll need to go through AT&T, not the Apple store.
5. Oh yeah, and: Expect your new phone to look and act something like this.

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