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RackedWire: Jeter's Gym Landing in Court?

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[Femia, 06/06/2008]

FLATIRON—The Derek Jeter-branded 24 Hour Fitness center coming to 225 Fifth Avenue and 26th Street may be in hot water. A commenter writes, "Hi. I found this site when I was looking for the phone number for the the gym. It was supposed to open June 28 but is delayed. I have not been able to get a straight story. In one sentence, the girl I spoke with told me (1) No later than July 22; (2) except that it might be 10 days later than July 22; (3) except that they have a court date on July 21. When I asked about the court date she said "it's just to welcome us to the neighborhood." Clearly no judge is going to haul them into court to give out a basket of cookies and a warm greeting. Does anyone know the actual story?" [Racked Comments]

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—Is Brooklyn overly stroller-friendly? Blogger East Village Idiot thinks so. He was perturbed by an ad spotted in food mag Edible Brooklyn for Heights Chateau, a wine shop that talks up their "stroller-friendly wide aisles." Cue enraged response: "This has gone too far, Brooklyn. You’re taking your kids to wine shops now? Are you teaching your toddler to be a sommelier? A wine shop is not an opportunity for mommy socializing and playgroup. It’s a place to buy alcoholic beverages consumed by adults." [East Village Idiot]