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Oh Wholly Foods: Kid's Aisle, Second-Floor Cafe

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Femia, 07/07/2008

We've already listed a few of the ways that Tribeca Whole Foods stands apart from other Whole Foods in the city—bulk bins, a shawarma station—but we haven't mentioned the biggest difference of all: The place is quite possibly the most family-friendly of all of the chain's NYC locations. There's a kid's aisle filled with items like fruit roll-ups and juice boxes and a nook dedicated to organic baby and toddler clothing, green bath and body products and chemical-free diapers. Upstairs, you'll find an airy cafe, but no free wifi—meaning your nanny doesn't have to worry about hipsters using the area as their unofficial office space. And in addition to an express check-out area, there's a regular old suburban-style check out. You have to hand it to Whole Foods: they certainly know their clientele.
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