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Online Shopping: J.Crew Flashes Their Rolexes

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[Images via J.Crew]

It has been quite the week for J.Crew. First they introduced their hot men-in-the-city-wearing-preppy-nauticals catalog, then their website suffered a meltdown of shipping and customer service, and now they’ve gone and added vintage Rolexes to their online product offerings.

Sure, Steven Alan may have done the whole vintage Rolex thing first, but J.Crew is the first to bring it to big time e-tailing, following their last sunglasses collaboration with Selima Optique. The watches, mainly classic gold Oysters from the 1970s, are priced competitively at $4,500. It is purely cost of convenience; the demographic attracted to this does not overlap with those fishing in watch boxes at side-of-the-road antique malls. Introduction of these gold Rolexes just about qualifies J.Crew to be like an official outfitter of U.S. Open attendees?if only they carried self tanner and hair gel.
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