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Project Runway User's Guide: NYC Nightlife Challenge Leads to Surprisingly Dull Fashion

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[Images via Bravo]

Last night's Project Runway was, sad to say, a bit of a dud. For their challenge, the designers were sent out into the rain-soaked streets of late-night Manhattan and told to find inspiration for a night life look. Nothing transcendentally ugly came from this exercise, but nothing all that great did either. Below, the scorecard:

Biggest surprise: The lameness of the NYC nighttime locations, which included such off-the-beaten-path fashion destinations as Columbus Circle, Times Square, the library at 42nd Street, and a boho part of town called Greenwich Village (we hear Bob Dylan likes to hang out there.)

Worst attempted catchprase: There are many contenders for this award, most of them from Blayne, who called Tim "Timlicious"and tried to teach him all about "Holla at your boy." But we're getting increasingly irked by Stella, so we're going to go with a quip she made while hammering her punk-rock pants: "What a gay little grommet." Huh?

Feud of the week: The entire cast rolled their eyes at Stella once the hammering got really violent. We've never seen such consensus in the sewing room.

Most annoying contestant: Blayne and Suede get points for trying, but Stella out-bratted them both.

Best smackdown: Nina Garcia, rendered speechless by Emily's neon ruffles: "I have no comment." Accompanied, of course, by a look that could freeze blood.

This week's loser: Emily, who got ruffled right out the door.

This week's winner: Kenley, who engineered a purple balloon of fabric peeking past the hem of her crazy-print teal dress.

Designers who cried: Kenley, when she won.

Designers who were robbed: Leanne, whose geometric miniskirt and structured blouse were so sharp Heidi said she'd wear them.
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