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iPhrenzy: Voucher System Works Best in Midtown

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Line outside the Soho store at 10am today

One of these things is not like the others: You can get an iPhone voucher in Soho, MePa, or Midtown, but only in Midtown will it be pegged to a specific time, thereby eliminating the wait. In Soho and MePa, on the other hand, vouchers are pegged to stock, which means you'll get the phone of your choice, but you might have to wait for hours. Today's report:

Apple Midtown
Line length: Vouchers have all but eliminated the line. You might "wait two minutes" to pick one up, but that's about it.
Availability: They only have the 16 gig in white.
Color: Will you run out of iPhones today? "No, but it might be less busy today because we only have white ones."

Apple Soho
Line length: Three hours
Availability: All models are in stock.
Color: Yesterday, a commenter pointed out that the voucher system "might guarantee you the phone of your choice but it doesn't cut out the waiting. Was told there was no line last night, so grabbed a voucher this morning at 8:30am after waiting 5mins and headed back at 5:45pm hoping for no line. Ended up getting out of there with my new iPhone 3G a few minutes before 9pm."

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: Two hours
Availability: They're out of the 16 gig in white and the 8 gig
Color: The voucher system is still firmly in place.