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Three NYC Designers Plan Supergirl's Resort Wear

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[Images via WWD]

Superheroes, you may have noticed, are big this summer, but nobody's tapped into the caped crusader craze quite like this before: Warner Brothers is producing a line of Supergirl-themed resort clothes designed by an NYC power trio. The studio conceived the idea and pitched it to Marc Beckman, founder of Designers Management Agency, who suggested his wife, designer Alice Roi. She brought in two friends from her days as a Manhattan private school kid, Laura "Abaéte" Poretzky and Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, and they put together a wardrobe fit for an all-American heroine with superpowers.

Supergirl apparently has good taste: The collection is feminine and wearable, full of mod A-line dresses and gingham tops. Each designer brought her own style to the project, says WWD: "Roi is known for her downtown-inspired edgy designs; Lonstein Gruss made a name for herself with her playful contemporary dresses"—and also by dating Jerry Seinfeld, but never mind—"and Poretzky has become known for her clean, more uptown-looking collections." There's no word yet on where the pieces will be sold, but the line is "targeted to high-end department and specialty stores worldwide."

Supergirl hasn't starred in her own movie since 1984, which makes this project a bit irksome—plenty of girls enjoy both A-line dresses and superhero movies, after all. And speaking of egalitarianism, when will the studios take this concept to menswear? Wannabe playboy millionaires the world over would surely love the Bruce Wayne collection.
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