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J.Cruel: Fans Not Appeased by Yesterday's Apology

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J.Crew spokeswoman Margot Fooshee tried to play down the preppy retailer's web site malfunctions in yesterday's Bloomberg News, blaming recent search and zoom function upgrades. But the blogger behind J.Crew Aficionada isn't buying it. "First, I don't think the website/system fiasco was in direct relationship to the new search and zoom functions," she writes. "Second, I don't agree with the terms 'proactive' and 'immediately' used in her quote. ('Proactive' & 'immediately' would have been appropriate actions a month ago.) Third, the quote 'any inconvenience to our customers is unacceptable' bothers me—considering customers were inconvenienced for over a month." Strong stuff, especially coming from J.Crew's biggest fan.
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