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iPhrenzy: Vouchers Here to Stay, iPhones of all Stripes Available

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After three weeks straight of iPhone 3G insanity, it seems like things are finally starting to calm down. Vouchers are the norm at all three Manhattan stores, reducing (or eliminating) lines. That doesn't mean that getting a phone is easy, though—no, you still have to work for it. The report:

Apple Midtown
Line length: None, thanks to the handy voucher system
Availability: They're out of the 16 gig in black
Color: There is a slight wait (15-30 min) for vouchers

Apple Soho
Line: One to two hours
Availability: All models in stock
Color: The way the voucher system works here, as explained to us this morning by a patient salesperson: Apple staffers hand out vouchers to people in line until they run out of them. You are then guaranteed a phone of your choice if you return with that voucher in hand before 6pm. Yes, you might have to wait in line again. No, the vouchers are not transferable. Does this make the whole experience less painful? Debatable.

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: Four to five hours
Availability: "I can't give out that information, but we should be fine." Does this mean all the other MePa geniuses have been defying company rules to tell us what's in stock?
Color: As at the Soho store, the voucher system is still in effect here.